Getting Good-er

My middle school’s band classes were instructed by a locally renowned teacher, we’ll call him Mr. L., whose patience and humor have earned him a lofty place in my memory. With perhaps 60+ students in each of the early morning band classes, his charge was to unite the noises issued from each adolescent’s sleepy brain into something resembling music, bringing us ever closer to audience-worthy performances. Mr. L. conducted us through repetitions of measures and stanzas countless times, waving arms and pronouncing the notes, “da daaa da da de daaa,” until each young musician played in harmony with the band. During one particularly trying and frantic morning, when it seemed that Mr. L. was at his wits’ end from coaching us through the same trying measures, the band finally produced the desired sound. Mr. L.’s face lit up with raised eyebrows and an ear-to-ear smile as his arms soared and ducked around us, excitedly conducting us to play on, and he wildly exclaimed, “Now we’re getting good-er!”

Without doubt, his grammar choice is the reason that I remember Mr. L.’s enthusiasm that day. And in hearing that phrase, a life lesson registered: little improvements and lots of practice amount to worthy achievements.

I’m Rachel, an urban planner pursuing improvements in the physical environment, economy, policies, procedures, as well as in hearts and minds, to make the world a little more beneficial for all. “Myriad Goods” is home to my goal-seeking efforts, commentary, and related pursuits towards a good-er world.

Welcome to the blog! As I share my take on goods, I look forward to hearing yours. Cheers!